How to archive an e-book / group on miEbooks

How to archive an e-book / group on miEbooks

There are old e-books that I don't want in the Library, or have Groups you no longer user? Archive them!
    1. Open miEbooks
    2. Right click/hold the e-book / group for 2 seconds 
    3. Click on Archive
    4. Select Yes and delete the files 
    5. Go to Archived located it on the top of the app (toggle)
    I've archived the e-book / group, now I want it back. How do I do this?
    1. Go to Archived located it on the top of the app (toggle)
    2. Find the archived e-book / group
    3. Right click/hold the e-book / group for 2 seconds 
    4. Move to Library / Groups
    5. Go back to Library or Groups
    6. Click on the e-book that states: Tap to download

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