On Windows Store, why can't I find or install the miEbooks app?

On Windows Store, why can't I find or install the miEbooks app?

When I search for the miEbooks app on Windows Store, I cannot find it. What can I do?


  • On your device Settings, check that the region and language settings are correct. The miEbooks app should be available to all countries and English languages.
  • Check to see if your device meets the minimum specifications.


I found the miEbooks app on the Windows Store, but the app won't download or stops downloading. What can I do?


  • On your device Settings, ensure that your device has no outstanding updates. Update if necessary.
  • In the Windows Store, under "Updates" check to see if there are any outstanding updates for the Windows Store app itself. Update if necessary. 
  • Check to see if there are any firewall on your device that may block apps.
  • Try downloading another app and see if you can successfully download it.
  • Check to see if you are connected to the internet and that the connection is stable. Try a different connection (ex. Mobile Data).
  • Reset Windows Store cache:
    • Open the Start Menu
    • Type in wreset
    • A command shortcut will appear in the search result
    • Right click on it (or tap and hold on touch device) and select "Run as Administrator"
  • If you get a code error, try searching the code error on Google and it may indicate how to resolve the problem.


Note that ITSI Helpdesk can assist with miEbooks related problems and cannot troubleshoot Windows Store, as it is Windows related. But ITSI Helpdesk will try to assist as much as we can. 




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