What can I do to try fix miEbooks?

What can I do to try fix miEbooks?

Try the following to fix miEbooks:


  1. Check that you are on the latest miEbooks version at the bottom-left corner (update if necessary)
  2. Refresh the miEbooks application
  3. Check if the server icon is green (this is the icon in the bottom-right corner)
  4. Go to Accounts and make sure your account is logged in (re-type the password)
  5. Check that the device's date and time is correct (please check your region as well)
  6. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet/WiFi. Switch it off and back on again
  7. Ensure that there is enough internal storage available on the device (more than 2GB free space)
  8. Archive the e-book or Group and re-download it.


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